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freund = friend
things = usually wearable craft experiments

Bill Cunningham said that fashion is the armor to survive everyday life. But it's not just about keeping things out, it can also invite people in. 

I make accessories that encourage an interaction to happen. Maybe with an admiring stranger, or maybe with the mirror. But statement jewelry is called such for a reason—it's a way to say something without saying a word. At least at first. 

Freund is my mom's maiden name and it means "friend." My grandfather had a tool factory in the western region of Germany known for its metalwork, and this warm, fuzzy name was emblazoned on some serious industrial devices. But they were high-quality, stood the test of time, and could be a huge help, so maybe the name was apt.

As I lean into making more custom work in collaboration with those I've never met, my practice has become about making as a way of listening deeply and reflecting back. I always ask people what their favorite piece of jewelry is and the responses are beautiful and something heartbreaking, pointing to peak experiences like travel, memories of loved ones, and the desire to be seen in the world for what you are and what you want to be. Freund Things is about exploring objects as a mediator for important conversations and greater connectedness.

I hope you find some very lovely armor here. 

– Kathryn Jaller