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3478 18th Street
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freundthings jewelery

Statement jewelry as social practice.

What we wear helps us find our people, be bold without saying a word, and change who we are at a moment’s notice. It’s pretty, and pretty powerful. Pieces are posted as I make them, so snatch one up that speaks to you or contact me for a custom thing (my favorite thing to do).

Writing about things

Jewelry is non-essential. A nice to have. The icing on the cake. But after making 100 custom necklaces for people based on what they wear and why they wear it, I realized it actually serves some specific emotional functions. Here’s what I learned.


Teaching things

I teach classes around the Bay Area and beyond at places like Handcraft Studio School, Jenny Lemons, the Ruby, and CreativeMornings. Next time at your place?


Instagram things

Follow works in progress from the freund factory: @freundthings